Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Women's Day!

Very well done. Its not easy since biases of all kinds are right within each of us, as self and society (at least its within me unfortunately, that I tend to notice or is made to realize from time to time). Its easier to show that all is well for convincing ourselves on outside, but the biases are far deeply rooted than we can imagine or like to accept actively. Perhaps because it is very much a part of the animalistic nature that we still cary in our genes through generations. So going by the very nature itself, such biases can only be rooted out or challenged from the position of strength, as in any animal society, including that of homosapians. May the force be with the weaker gender/race/class/caste/whatever is out there. And may we garner enough passive sense and strength within ourselves, to work on its alleviation as much as we can.

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