Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulating President Elect of the USA, Donald Trump!

While it is easy to praise the guy now that he has won, but it is what it is. He shelved his mostly ingenuous talks but Hillary's shady record bit her hard at a very crunch time, thanks to Mr Weiner. There is no denying the fact that Trump and his team created a very unusual and innovative path to victory out of untapped disenfranchised small town voters in rust belt, traditionally bagged by Democrats thanks to stronghold in urban areas. Also as much as we like it or hate it, Trump probably showed all of us why the capitalists rule the world. They just seem to be better at tapping natural, human, time and capital resources. Trump turned out to be the the ultimate challenger to old school political system. Well done team Trump. 

Looking forward to SNL skits this weekend!!

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