Thursday, March 5, 2015

My views on BBC Nirbhaya documentary

I must admit that the BBC Nirbhaya documentary has provided a golden "turncoat" debate topic. I am assuming that people have had far lesser issues had it been made by some Indian channel and focussed less on the the rapist devil (I mean British would possibly fair better focussing on what they did to aboriginals of the creation of artificial famines resulting in mass deaths or how they compromised the interests of colonies to create what is now a 3rd world). But the overall presentation is rather simple and pretty solid and there would be such issues of balanced portrayals no matter who and what the details of documentary are, particularly on such negative issues. Its hard to make a negative documentary or even a movie (e.g. Chandni Bar). So it absolutely makes a case of open viewership and I don't understand why the women organizations and even government would oppose it as a insult to Nirbhaya. Its not a insult to her by any means. It actually pays the due respect. Sure its a bit hard to hear to that guy but you know what, its good to let the heart cry a bit. It is important to see and realize the presence of elements of that person in people we know or have known or ourselves for that matter. May be that would help erase the demonic elements inside us. As it goes, the elements of God and Devil resides in all of us at all times and its up to our "karma" to channelize and strengthen them. That is essence of yoga and meditation. And this documentary does no harm to the viewers. There is no point in worrying about what outsiders would think after seeing this as outsiders mean insignificant or nothing; if not for our own self and our own people.

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