Monday, February 23, 2015

The Land Acquisition Bill in India

Governments have tough things to handle to sail the ship far in order to catch riches .. Land acquisition is one such tough steps which seems like being very unpopular but is somewhat necessary. Hope it does not get misused. The problem is that such steps act like caste system. Honest people make it and keep nothing for themselves (in addition to achieving exclusive distribution of elements of power viz money, power, knowledge and land) but then dishonest people misuse it and make it look like an unwise system. In the end, all can work if there is honesty in approach. 

Since the last UPA government found it suitable to put in clauses which can prove extremely difficult to be implemented for setting up shops and industries, it has fallen onto the present government to be able to sail the boat of India Inc into the future with tough steps which might even sound anti-farmer to many. The opposition and all other political players have been seen jumping into the water with the aim to get into the good books of a large portion on voters who rely on farming. I sincerely hope that the government can take the steps to safeguard the interests of farmers and investors with a balances approach to make it possible for both to exist in resonance. Nevertheless, Interesting days ahead in government affairs.

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