Thursday, February 19, 2015

Respects to Jitam Ram Manjhi

t seems like the assembly arrangement the trial of strength is going to be a complex affair. Anyways, while Manjhi may not be the most polished politician, I had a feeling that he was somewhat honest in his actions and proved too independent and vocal for Nitish and Co who had hoped of a MMS like robotic configuration out of him. We should respect him for how he championed for the cause of Dalits in Bihar in strong fashion via his actions, even if controversial at times. I hope he prevails in Bihar politics in some way or another and serves the community that really needs major upliftment. In many ways, the upliftment of Dalits will be a good measure of progress of society as a whole. Its certainly doable if we have more of Manjhi likes at the helm (rather than the corrupt Ram Vilas Paswan like, who had done nothing substantial for the poor). Good Luck!

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