Monday, December 22, 2014

Lessons from life of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka Badshah Khan, the Frontier Gandhi, Fakhr-e Afghān

The fate of Gandhian nationalists in Pakistan viz Gafar Khan from Frontiers and others from Sindh is the most clear crystal signature of the grand mistake that Pakistan is, from which the subcontinent will bleed for generations. It really is absolutely "naapak" by all standards. India always grew as one as people knew that they really are one, irrespective of religion which was seen as a matter of constraints of time and having the same sole purpose of enlightenment. Many examples can be seen in 1857 revolts e.g visit Jhansi. Its not before quite a few generations down the line when the identity crisis started propelled by hardliners taking over and absolutely decimating the genuine nationalists. Good one!

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