Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rape and Religious conversions are sick human attitudes in full display in UP!

I can not comprehend how the so called secular/liberal (or whatever junk they are) people can close their eyes on the victimization at the hand of desert cultures for over thousands of years and still continuing with it? I mean first and foremost, all and absolutely all madarasas should be leveled to ground by not even Hindus, but the sane and humane muslims themselves, to get rid of breeding grounds of all kinds of heinous acts viz terrorism and now religious conversion, which bring shame to humanity. Also religion is supposed to serve as source of knowledge and I don't know from where do these guys got this idea of continuously creating victims, when their forefathers were victims themselves! Its almost like a highly communicable HIV virus. You spread to to others and the others act as source then, dusted themselves forever. I stand appalled. What a colossal shame!

Please note that the point was made about the negative aspects which have caused so much blood shed and I stand by it. I think I have clearly pointed out that its meant for knowledge of life and its unfortunate that people can get such ideas of stupid conversions. That trend is dangerous.Sadly that is part of Middle eastern religions, as I have read and understood it. I understand it when the thirsty goes to well, but I know there is something wrong when its other way around. Languages can vary!

Also the level of disappointment to a lot of hopefuls including myself from Akhilesh government in UP is absolutely gigantic. Whether its family politics or constrained space to act or the goon culture, the way and speed at which his SP government has acted has been appalling at best.

I recall that the self styled secularists were shouting at some Shiv Sena guy having fed a roti which he served as an employee and too when it was all about the quality of food served? And I see or hear nothing on news when such a barbaric inhuman incidence has occurred. I mean this is such an affluent bigotry!

I am not sure but what does anyone want us to infer from Sura 9:5, 9:29, 5.33 etc? It hardly leaves space of grey in the way it portrays the facts. Killing is like some fashion statement here as if its the most natural thing to do!

Please understand the rules and basic attitude of humans being morphed or directed by such texts can not be ruled out as has been proved by nuts on all sides. I think the best of humans and practices are perhaps all done and dusted by the sword waiving barbarians long ago. Nevertheless its our job to learn from mistakes not to repeat them again and again and make the earth a better place to breath and live peacefully for all!

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