Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Arab-Israel conflict

Israel exists on being tough and recently, partly aggressive. Nevertheless, its the Arabs who started the war in 1948 (7 against 1, somewhat Abhimanyu style) and they start it by pounding and towns even today to which has to respond (via Hamas, in the name of jihad). Its collateral damage from a long standing All Arab vs Israel conflict. 

No one talks of Jews (few fold more than Palestinians) being evicted from Arab league because they were peacefully and gracefully absorbed. On the other hand, Arab nations refused to absorb Palestinian refugees, instead keeping them in refugee camps while insisting that they be allowed to return. The Arab League instructed its members to deny Palestinians citizenship "to avoid dissolution of their identity and protect their right of return to their homeland." 

The present crisis is a classic Arabian drama which could have been so easily settled if Arabs wanted to. But they have been dreaming of exploiting the booties of war since 1948, similar to what they have been doing since last 1400 years! (A British officer stationed in Haifa stated that the four-week-long 06/11/48-07/08/48 truce "would certainly be exploited by the Jews to continue military training and reorganization while the Arabs would waste [them] feuding over the future divisions of the spoils"). Sadly innocents are paying for it with their dear lives on both sides of war. Bottom-line fact is that Arabs are extremely useless and can only loot and create problems. Peace is not there spiritual inheritance and would never be so until the jihad mentality is shredded off.


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